Born to Run Canine Massage on UK Health Radio Interview

At a local show earlier this year at Stonham Barnes I was demonstrating and talking about clinical canine massage and running a have a go massage session for show attendees with their own dogs.

I was fortunate enough to cross paths with a wonderful Holistic Vet – Dr Vince MacNally of Vince the Vet fame.

Before studying homeopathy – as a regular vet with many, many years experience Vince’s passion for mending broken bones led him to specialise in orthopaedic surgery.  It was truly uplifting to talk about clinical massage with Vince who so completely knew where I was coming from in terms of the challenges I believe vets face when presented with a dog with reported lameness both in terms of determining the precise location of soft tissue or muscular injury, and the expectation that dog owners have that vets should be able to pinpoint precisely those muscular issues.

The palpation skills of a Clinical Canine Massage Practitioner trained with the Canine Massage Therapy Centre are second to none. 

My area of expertise is muscles, this is why I can detect muscular issues, determine habitual holding patterns and areas of over compensation when vets may not. 

It was sheer joy to hear his first hand Vince’s view and appreciation for the importance of Clinical Massage as part of the total rehabilitation package vets should be offering to pet dog owners.

I was brought up to know my place, to not stand out from the crowd and god forbid I should ever tell people how good I might be at something (that’s just bragging right?  What will people think?).  I’ve always worked extremely hard and strived to be the best I can possibly be.  However, in the past I have been reluctant to talk aloud about my successes.

Today I am ready to ditch that emotional baggage, celebrate my successes and be proud of who I have become.

When Vince asked to interview me for his show on UK Health Radio and talk about Clinical Massage

Wow what an opportunity!

Below are some kind words from Vince which made me extremely proud to be someone chosen by life to help restore mobility, reduce pain levels and improve the quality of life of so many dogs.   I thank Vince wholeheartedly for the chance to promote this life changing and results driven therapy.


Vince The Vet added

28 June

A pain free and flexible body is as much a joy to our pets as it is to ourselves.

And yet, musculoskeletal problems impairing quality of life often go undetected for long periods – until overt signs of discomfort, stiffness or lameness become evident.

A muscular health check performed by a graduate of Natalie Lenton’s Canine Massage Therapy Centre, can detect such abnormalities and help to put them right using gentle, non-invasive techniques, which usually produce visible results within 1 to 3 sessions.

At a recent dog show in Stonham Barnes we were so impressed by Angela’s evident skills in Clinical Canine Massage we just had to interview her to find out more about the therapy itself, and the conditions that can benefit from it’s application.

As someone who specialised in orthopaedics for 3 years before becoming a Holistic vet, I found talking to Angela interesting, illuminating and inspiring. I hope listening to the show, you feel the same!

Here is a link to the show.

If you’d like me to attend your show or event to talk about clinical massage, how you can help minimise the risk of muscular injury to your dog or explain why clinical massage can be so life changing

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