Over the next few weeks I will be updating this page with some mind blowing photographs highlighting physical changes in the dogs which have completed my 8 week Canine Conditioning Academy core foundation programme.

Here is a little teaser! A before and after photo of Bodger an active pet dog who took part in the programme. I think you’ll agree with his owner that he looks like a different dog!

As a CCA Licensed Coach I bring to you all the physiological, biomechanic, muscular and sports science knowledge of a standard CCA coach.

I come from a sporting background myself.  As well as a competitive sprinter I was also a member of the England Karate squad.  Therefore, I come from a place of real understanding of not only sporting principles and the science behind them, but also the relationship between muscle and movement.

However, in addition as a Canine Massage Practitioner of many years I have seen first hand how a weak core can reveal certain tendencies to hypertonicity of specific muscles and why as massage therapist I’d see the same issues repeatedly.  I can also apply this knowledge to provide the complete muscular wellness package for your dog.

When a body has a firm foundation (core), just as in pilates for humans posture, gait, and proprioception as well as a general sense of wellbeing are all improved.  This 8 week programme also works on strength, flexibility and endurance by using slow, controlled and targeted exercises.  

And that’s just for starters as I also run intermediate and advanced for appropriate Born to Run CCA graduates.



I simply can’t wait to get you started!



Conditioning exercises are body movements that increase athletic skill and physical fitness while decreasing the likelihood of sports injuries.
Types of conditioning exercises may vary greatly depending on fitness goals and are adaptable to any level of fitness, from beginners to experienced athletes. (Wisegeek)

Exercise and practice to build the body up for either improved normal performance, as in physical therapy, or in preparation for sports performance. (Medicinenet)