Veterinary Consent


The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and Exemptions Order 2015

It is not only an offence to treat an animal without veterinary consent, to act as or to diagnose conditions as a vet is qualified to, it is also deemed in law except in exceptional circumstances, for a manipulative therapy to only be in the interests of the health and welfare of an animal if done so with the written consent of a registered vet.

It is the job of the Practitioner and professional organisation they are affiliated to to ensure they stay within the parameters defined in law.

It is also critical for the Practitioner to be aware of any pre-existing or diagnosed conditions.

I understand not only when it is safe to perform massage but also when it is not (contraindication).

Contraindications are conditions which, when they are present, you must not treat as to do so could cause harm or complicate or exacerbate existing issues.

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Born to Run Consent Form 2019