Giles with Rory- Read More

My 8yr old lab Rory had a persistent limp that couldn’t be diagnosed accurately by the vets and the usual ‘cover all’ anti-inflammatories didn’t work, so I decided to give canine massage a go!

I had heard of some good reviews from other owners and my vet was happy to sign the Born to Run consent form, so I booked Rory a session. Following just two sessions, Rory hasn’t looked back and seems so much more comfortable, especially after a long walk. Angela also gave some very good tips on how to look after your dogs muscular wellbeing.

If Rory gets any further issues, I would certainly use Born to Run again.

Giles with Rory, Suffolk


Kirsty with Bailey and Harvey- Read More

My original feedback  🙂  

My gorgeous old boy Harvey went to see Angela acting his 11.5 years.  After 2 sessions he is now acting like a puppy.  He is so much active and instigates playing with the other dogs rather than keeping out of their way!   So so pleased with how he is now I just wish that I knew about Angela years ago!   I can not thank her enough!

Kirsty with Bailey and Harvey, Suffolk



Cicci and Selune- Read More

Five star review from me!
Great and professional service throughout the whole treatment! Selune really enjoyed it and even though she didn’t have any major issues I noticed a difference in her movements!
Would happily recommend Born to Run to anyone! xx

Cicci and Selune, Cambridgeshire



Torwind Spaniels Woody, Broc, Tor and Alfie - Read More

We (Torwind Spaniels) love what you are able to do and have done for our dogs Angela Day.  Their lives are better with you in it.  It is quite fascinating watching you work and seeing what you discover in dogs, that we don’t always know or realise what is going on.

Sometimes something doesn’t quite seem right but you find it, release it, sort it, job done.  These dogs do and go through so much, give so much, living life to the full.  Individually I will share sometime about the before and after treatments but meanwhile these treatments can do so much for a dog.

I took Woody for a first assessment and after seeing the results, have ended up taking all our spaniels.  Great work. Great results.  Your dog is worth it.  Since meeting Angela I have been recommending her to so many..  This is not just a fluffy service but scientific and bringing benefit to the dogs who are treated by her.  Long may she and other canine massage practitioners continue this life changing work

Torwind Spaniels Woody, Broc, Tor and Alfie, Suffolk



Karen with Jam, Bolt and Charlie - Read More

Today Bolt and Jam had their second Clinical Canine massage to help them with their creeping old age.  They are both suffering with arthritis in different joints and have been on long term pain relief.

It was beginning to affect Jam in a bad way and it became apparent that the pain relief was giving him an ulcer.  The conundrum was between relief for painful joints but suffer from an ulcer or no pain relief, no ulcer but be suffering badly with mobility problems.

Well someone must have been watching because we met a lovely lady at the Greyhound Extravaganza who asked me to find our local ‘massagist’ and that she would be able to help.

Angela at Born to Run Clinical Canine Massage has treated both of them with consent from their vet and Jam has now been a week without pain relief and Bolt has too for two weeks since seeing her.  Both are happy, eating well and enjoying their gentle walks again.

I can recommend the treatment.  If anyone has an ageing greyhound go and get them a session or two – it really does help!  Won’t restore their youth lol but they will be happier!  Some pictures attached show how much they loved it all.

Karen with Jam, Bolt and Charlie, Suffolk


Jane and Benson - Read More

Benson aka ‘Boo Boo or Big Hero (depending on his mood) a big soft chocolate Labrador was 12 years young when Angela first came to visit.  He was feeling pretty miserable at the time having not long lost his sister Holly to liver cancer, and was getting stiffer and more depressed by the day.  After a course of treatment from Angela (he particularly liked the zoopharmacognosy version) we saw a real improvement in his movement which in turn improved his overall mood.  Six months on and having turned now 13 in April, it is great to see his excitement when he sees Angela arrive at the front door and how he leads the way to his ‘massage room’. He is off all anti-inflammatories and pain killers (the only options offered by the vets) and enjoying his morning walks, amazingly keeping up with our 2 year old for a good 40 mins or more – we are delighted!

I would therefore highly recommend Angela and we are greatly appreciative for all the support and advice she has provided along the way.

Jane and Benson Norfolk 



Bee and Wiggo - Read More

Thanks Angela for getting Wiggo primed for a great run last Saturday, he was a superstar!

Bee and Wiggo, Newmarket, Suffolk



Sarah and Blue - Read More

So glad we found Born to Run Canine Massage my boy had a limp from over compensating after an injury and we thought our only option was x-ray’s under anaesthetic which is dangerous for him to find out what was wrong. After just a few sessions his whole body has loosened up, he’s happier and limp free. 

Sarah and Blue, Suffolk



Marie and Ruby - Read More

My little Ruby is now doing a lot better after 2 sessions with Angela. So happy we found your stall on the dog show. If you have an elderly dog I would highly recommend canine massage!

Marie and Ruby, Suffolk



Louise and Sapphie - Read More

This is Sapphie a beautiful Lurcher rescue.  Sapphie has spent much of her adult life using only three legs.  With the kind permission of her owner I’d like to share this with you.

My lurcher, Sapphie, has spent most of her adult life now hopping much of the time following multiple problems in her hind leg and paw. Three vets have said there is nothing more they can do for her. We did achieve some considerable progress via physio and to a lesser extent hydro therapy earlier this year, but progress has now plateaued and I am keen to try massage to see if that helps, along with any ideas or insights an expert like you can bring to bear.’

Here is the feedback I received from her owner after session 5.

‘Just to say I think the session last week has had a very positive effect on Sapphie’s lameness. Since the day after you came she has been using the leg more, especially on walks, morning and evening, and more consistently i.e even if she has had a bit of a run. I have extended our morning walking time and it doesn’t seem to have done any harm.  Really pleased with this progress, I think the timing was right for a booster session.’

Louise and Sapphie, Norfolk



Gemma and Mocha - Read more

Very pleased with the Clinical Canine Massage Services Angela provides through ‘Born To Run Massage’. Friendly and Professional Angela was very calm and in control even though my dog wasn’t the most compliant of patients! I loved Angela’s kind confidence in handling my over-the-top crazy dog! From a massage perspective and seeing results…………… WOW 2 sessions and my dog is so much more mobile and fluent in her movement! I finally feel confident in letting my dog off lead again for a run around without the worry that she may be too stiff or lame afterwards. Thank you Angela.
Gemma and Mocha – Suffolk



Cindy and Milou - Read more

I would like to give you some feedback about the fantastic job you done with Milou:Born to Run Massage has made a huge difference to Milou (4yr old ChihuahuaX) who is a very active dog and a keen cani-cross runner. Milou has a few issues with her pelvis which leaves her with some tight muscles in her back and makes her feel uncomfortable. So needs some help to release the knots from time to time.
I love the home service that Born to Run provides. The dogs find it so much easier to relax in their own home. Angela is so calm and gentle with the dogs and makes you feel really relaxed which helps the dog also, I almost fell asleep myself just watching her work. Milou really enjoyed her massage and loved all the attentioned.  Angela took great care whilst working on the dog and when Milou was starting to feel uncomfortable she made sure to take a little break and concentrated on a different area for while. Which Milou took full advantage off and kept rolling on her back for another tummy rub.
Milou had 2 sessions with Angela and it made a big difference. Milou is enjoying her cani-cross runs again and has a lovely swing in her back again and is moving much more freely now.
I always recommend Angela to anyone whose dog shows some discomfort or is feeling a little tight in the joints.
Thank you from me and Milou.
Cindy and Milou – Norfolk



 Tracey and Ozzie - Read More

My 3.5 year old cavapoo was showing signs of being uncomfortable when moving around. He seemed to be stiff when walking and would avoid play with other dogs. Straight away he took to Angela and allowed her to work on him. After one treatment he seemed much more comfortable and was almost smiling as he zoomed around the room! He held his head higher and no longer had a robotic stiffness when he walked. At his second treatment, Angela was able to free off a lot more trigger points as he was much more supple since the initial treatment. Since this second treatment he has been like a puppy again, charging around and engaging in play with his friends. He no longer seems to be ‘protecting’ himself when near to other dogs. I can’t thank Angela enough as the treatment really has transformed his quality of life. We will definitely be back for ‘maintenance’ sessions!
Tracey and Ozzie, Cambridgeshire



Jasmine and Lady Pepper - Read More

My dog got hit by a child riding his scooter into her rear last year, which left her in pain and limping. Angela came out to massage her twice and had her up and running again after the treatments. Angela is a very knowledgeable therapist and gave me lots of insight on top of the massage for the dog, which she enjoyed very much thanks to the calm and patient energy Angela brought to the table. I’d recommend her services and will be contacting her again should anything ail our furry family companion again in the future.

Jasmine and Lady Pepper, Suffolk



Jo and Piper - Read More

I first met Angela at an agility show, where I was competing with my G6 border collie Piper. I was concerned that he wasn’t running at his normal speed, and as Angela was there, and offering a muscular health check, I thought it would be a good idea to take Piper there to see if there was maybe something there that I couldn’t see.

I was greeted by a lovely and friendly introduction as to what canine massage therapy involved, and we went from there really.  I was so happy with how Piper took to it all, and how relaxed he was through the session.  Also, I was very impressed with Angela’s knowledge, so much so, that we now enjoy regular maintenance massage sessions, every few months, just so I know that Piper is in tip top condition.  I have retired Piper from agility now, but will continue to see Angela on a regular maintenance basis, because I trust her judgement, and skills, (plus Piper adores her) and I would highly recommend Angela to anyone who thinks that their dog would benefit from canine massage.

Jo and Piper, Norfolk



Christine and Cracker - Read More

I was definitely sceptical about massage but hoping that maybe Crackers’ sitting crooked might be resolved (sitting to one side developed after jumping working trials scale).   It was very pleasing and surprising to watch.  Cracker has a very sensitive nature and is extremely selective about who can touch him and where they can touch him.

At the start of the first session he was his usual self jumping about and being rather silly to avoid being touched.  Slowly his confidence in Angela developed and massaging took place.

The second session saw Crackers’ trust growing and part of his back was able to be touched.

In the last session Cracker allowed his lower back to be treated, in fact at one point I could not believe what I was seeing Cracker was laying down with sleepy eyes and was able Angela to touch him all over.  He looked really at ease, enjoying what was happening and showed real affection toward Angela.

Angela asked about Cracker before starting the massaging (any issues, his nature etc).  It was very clear that she had listened to what had been said because she was extremely patient and waited for the dogs’ permission to touch.  Her manner with him showed a genuine wanting to help him and a true understanding of our canine friends.

During the sessions Angela explained what she was doing and why in technical speak and in layman’s terms which we thought was brilliant because we knew throughout what was going on.

First Session: Crackers movement seemed to be free’er, more settled indoors and happier in himself.

Second Session: His gait improving and still settled indoors. Not sitting to one side.

Third Session: Cracker moving about on his toes as if showing himself off.  This is a sure sign of him being happier in himself.  He is sitting straight.  And the fur on his back is flattening.

Christine and Cracker Essex